Frequently Asked Questions


What preparation can I do for your arrival?
We ask for very little – it would be appreciated if you could provide us a clutter-free kitchen, access to a stove and/or oven and perhaps one free shelf in the fridge. You can be rest assured we will take care of the rest, so you can relax and fully enjoy the occasion.

What time will you arrive and how long will you stay?
Generally, we will arrive 1 hour prior to the guests to prepare for the service and will stay for as long as required by the host.

Are you flexible with what dishes you will prepare?
Yes, we respect your personal tastes and liking in food, therefore your favourite dishes can be catered for to your own liking. We also provide vegetarian and vegan alternatives along with dietary-specific options. Festive, themed or ethnic-specific menus can also be arranged. All menus are discussed and finalised through personal consultation with Chef Daniel Frutiger to ensure customer satisfaction.

When do you require confirmation of number of guests and dishes/courses?
We require that you confirm the date of your event as soon as possible to ensure availability. In regards to number of guests, function type, dishes, address and time and so on – these details should be organised and confirmed at least 1 week prior to the event.

Do you cook and serve the food on site?
Yes, we will cook and serve all food on site to ensure upmost quality and satisfaction is maintained.

Are the prices listed on the website all-inclusive?
All prices listed on the website are all-inclusive. This includes GST, all food and services and cleaning-up, which is standard practise.

Do you require a deposit and how can I pay you?
We do not require a deposit; our business is based on mutual trust and respect. As far as payment is concerned, you can pay by either cash, cheque or direct deposit into the business account. In any which way, you will be given an invoice with all necessary information printed for your convenience.

How many guests do you cater for each function type?
Sit-down functions: a minimum of 6 guests (Monday to Thursday only) and a minimum of 8 guests (Friday to Sunday); however, up to 40 people can enjoy a three and up to six course (degustation) sit-down lunch/dinner.
Buffet functions: a minimum of 25 up to 100 guests can enjoy a buffet function.
Finger-food functions: a minimum of 20 up to 120 guests can enjoy a finger-food function.

How many items can I choose for a finger-food and can I mix-and-match?
For each finger-food option, you may choose a maximum of 12 items within that listing. Alternatively, you can choose nine savoury items from one listing and choose three dessert items from the dessert finger-food listing, which makes up 12 items, and will replace a full meal.

Do you supply tableware?
Yes, we can supply tableware; this includes crockery, cutlery, glassware and linen. However, we do not supply tables, chairs or table decorations/ornaments. To enquire about charges, please contact Chef Daniel Frutiger. NB: for all sit-down functions, bread and butter for the table plus tea/coffee and petit fours are always included and are all-inclusive in the price.

Do you cater on public holidays, e.g., NYE, Christmas Day etc?
Yes, we cater on public holidays and on special events; however, prices are subject to change on these days. Please enquire with Chef Daniel Frutiger regarding the change in prices.

Do you have a kids’ friendly option for meals?
Yes, we have child-friendly food options for all occasions. To enquire about child-appropriate dishes, please contact Chef Daniel Frutiger.
Which areas in Sydney do you travel to cater?
We cater for all areas in Sydney and Greater Sydney surrounds: as far North as the Lower Hunter Valley, as far West as Mount Victoria and as far South as the Southern Highlands.